Arizona Chapter #29 of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International

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Volume 16 Number 1 January 2020


Club functions and Contacts

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Editor's Report

Wow our Christmas party was fantastic. Thanks to Bob & Christine Frances, plus Thom Sherwood. We had about 50 members there. Great people, fun and great food.

Lots of things happening in the beginning of this new decade. Plenty of auctions up in the Phoenix area. We also have the annual Tubac car show and they are advertising Dennis Gage (This Old Car TV show) as a featured guest. I have put the online link for registration (hard to find) on the outings page listed after the show info. You can request a paper form if you contact them.

We will have a special speaker for Jan. See info on the next page. Please show up for this months meeting we will need to discuss and decide on 2 positions for club officers.

This is very important and they do not take much time out of the month to do. Please do consider both President and Vice President positions. Bill and I will keep our present positions if it pleases the membership.

While talking about being a national member I feel everyone should be one! The pluses are a great monthly national magazine that is high quality, technical help, great insurance for our club to hold events like APD 2019, etc. If $45 is too much you can get the electronic version for only $25. Really try to be a national member!

At the club meeting please pay your local 2020 dues $18 to our treasurer Bill C. If you can make the meeting send dues to Bill C.