Arizona Chapter #29 of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International

Hot Air

A PDF of the official publication can be downloaded here:

Volume 16 Number 2 February 2020
Volume 16 Number 1 January 2020


Club functions and Contacts

For more details, download the PDF above

Editor's Report

As I write this I am watching Triple X the movie on Satellite TV and seeing pres Thom’s car!

Our guest speaker George Anderson was great telling of the design studio’s he worked in during his employment with GM. Many thanks.

I also want to thank Bob Francis for his commitment to being president for 2019.

While thanking I do want to thank Thom Sherwood for committing to being president for 2020 and Bob Francis for committing to the vice presidents position for 2020.

Dues Are Due

At the club meeting please pay your local 2020 dues $18 to our treasurer Bill C. If you can’t make the meeting send dues to Bill C. If dues are not paid by March 1st you will no longer be a member and also not receive any more newsletters.